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I want to thank the guys in Steel Prophet for inviting me to perform with them for the Keep It True Music Festival in Germany April 19-20th! I've been told that our original drummer John Tarascio will be performing a song or two with us, that will be a full reunion of the Inner Ascendance lineup.

I'm also working with an awesome vocalist and drummer and recording new tracks that will emerge as the next phase of No Vanquished, and working under the alias "Jon Set". No Vanquished should be a great band.

Then there's a second Bunny Brunel track I need to complete. It's going to be a long but fun winter and spring.

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"I wish to convey my shock and grief at the loss of Jason VanHorn, loyal friend and devoted crewmember. Jason turned me on to the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong" by James W. Loewen and, in his honor, I would suggest it to you." RIP Jason -

A new and smaller setup for upcoming shows has lowered volume and improved definition and tone. Jon wishes to thank Jesse and Daniel for stepping up to the plate and helping crew since the loss of Jason.

Yes, that means there will be upcoming shows soon! Stay tuned, or get on the mailing list by mailing with "mailing list" in the subject line.


Jon wishes to apologize for being out of the game for a while. He has spent the last couple years caregiving for his father until his struggle with Alzheimer's came to an end August 31st, 2009. A truly intelligent man, with a wonderful sense of humor, Walter R. Paget was a great inspiration in Jon's life, and will be greatly missed.

Special thanks to Chris Rose and the rest of the guys at EMINENCE speakers for getting Jon into NAMM on an artist badge this year. Speakers are an essential part of a guitar rig, and Eminence makes Jon's favorites. Red Fang, Wizard, and Private Jack to be specific.


Jon has been playing in his hometown of Fullerton, CA and will be playing again soon. Check out the Shows page for more details. Jon is working on a fretless guitar to add to his repertoire. Should be some interesting sounds. get on the mailing list by mailing with "mailing list" in the subject line.


Jon will be playing again in Anaheim, CA on Armed Forces Day. Jon will be raffling 10 copies of "Why We Fight", the Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary by Eugene Jarecki. Go to the Shows page for more details. Picket signs are welcome!


Jon has modified his live rig. Once again all Mesa Boogie, this time he's using the combination of the original Studio Pre and his Stategy 400. More tubes, more punch, more headroom, more Boogie!

Jon is using Carvin cabs live, and wishes to send special thanks to Carvin for the endorsement which made the recent shows possible!

Jon will also revive some old stomp boxes and integrate them into the live rig. A very special thanks goes to Chris Poland for his help and advice in getting this all together! If you haven't checked on Chris lately please visit his site at . If you wanted to "run into" Jon the most probable way would be to attend Chris' shows!

The new rig means that Jon is eager to play more shows! Just added is "Sugars" in Anaheim. This club changes format Fridays and Saturdays to a live venue where several of Jon's friends have played. Most important is the fact that this show will feature bassist extrodinaire Dr. Blake Berman! This is going to be a fun one! Go to the Shows page for more details. CDs and Tshirts will be available at the show. To get email reminders and other news get on the mailing list by mailing with "mailing list" in the subject line. See you there!


Both Audioize CDs are now available as high quality MP3 and FLAC downloads at Fret Tunes!


Jon will be playing in his home town of Fullerton, CA, as well as in North Fork (Central California Sierras) in October. Go to the Shows page for details.

CDs and Tshirts will be available at both shows, as well as here through the site.



The Venutian Groove CD, despite a series of added "last" songs, studio equipment failures, and terrible remote control car crashes, has FINALLY been finished. The copyrights are being sent out and Jon is working on artwork and details.

A long overdue promise, MP3s from the new CD should be available soon.

More importantly, "Martian Boogie" and "Venutian Groove" should be available from this site in a few months. Check back, or get on the mailing list by mailing with "mailing list" in the subject line.

Jon also went to NAMM in California, where the "kid in a candy store" phrase could never be more appropriate. Jon would like to thank Orange Amps, Cal Custom Guitars, Peterson Tuners, Floyd Rose, EBow, Clayton Picks, and too many others to list.

Jon has just returned from the Shawn Lane Memorial Benefit Concert. A full page has been added with Jon's experience.

The long and short of it is that Jon got to play with long time friend and bassist Ted May, and Percussionist Sean Rickman, who played with Shawn.

Find out more about Ted at Jon sends a VERY special thanks to Ted for coming down from St Louis to do the show.

Jon will soon finish yet another "final" song for the "Venutian Groove" CD. Slated for bass is Blake Berman, who can be heard on "Desert Song". Jon has replaced some failing gear and is looking forward to recording again.

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Jon will be playing a party to "test the show" in La Mirada, CA July 30th. Looks kinda small, no address has been given yet.

But most importantly, Jon has been invited to play at a benefit for Shawn Lane's estate. The event will be on August 28th at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis TN. It will showcase lots of great guitarists, and Barry Bays and Sean Rickman, both former members of Shawn Lane's band, will fill in as a house band. Jon will be using former bassist Ted May for the show and would be honored to have Sean Rickman play drums. The event will raise money for the estate and hopefully get lots of unreleased Shawn Lane material available on CD. A video of the event will be made and hopefully available shortly after.

So whether you can go to Memphis, or just want to check out one of the great masters of guitar, check out for more details.

*Short note added 7/28/05: Ted May has avidly informed Jon that he is not a "former" bassist. Jon had to agree, Ted still plays bass magnificently... Find out more about Ted at

Remember that you can get Jon's song "Song for Shawn" on the "Shawn Lane Remembered Vol II" CD available at Click here for Jon's description of the CD.

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While at NAMM '05 Jon had the priveledge of meeting Shawn Lane's mother Diane and sister Mitzi. Jon describes it as one of the most inspirational times in his recent past. He was invited to play at a tribute concert to be held in Tennessee, but the details, including whether Jon will be able to travel that far, are not clear now.

But it did inspire Jon to prepare a show and he will be playing some small clubs soon to work out the bugs. Check back or click here to be added to the mailing list.

Jon will also, next saturday as a matter of fact, have a "jam" with a band to include one of Jon's former vocalists. More details if anything comes of it.

According to Jon the studio is having "technical difficulties soon to be resolved". He is still trying to finish the last "Venutian Groove" tune as well as a new one. They say patience is a virtue. That is all for now.

The release date for the Shawn Lane tribute is currently set at July 22nd. For more information please go to Lion Music (

Jon has received a promo copy and can't stop raving about it. More info here!!!

Jon has recently been in contact with one of his former vocalists. Maybe a couple of vocal oriented songs coming up? We'll see...

Well, here we go. Anybody speak Italiano?

Jon's demo has been given a 5 star review at Italy's first guitar website "Guitar Chef". Yahoo's translate link will translate enough for you to get most of it.

Billy Ray and Bobby Albright are two of the musicians Jon has used on his most recent recordings. Well, they keep bugging him to do some shows. Check this page often for some possible shows this summer, or get on the mailing list by mailing with "mailing list" in the subject line.

As you may or may not know, we recently lost one of our greatest guitarists with the passing of Shawn Lane. Jon has been given the honor of composing and recording a song which will appear on one of two tribute albums to be released by Lion Music ( The recording features Billy Ray on bass and Bobby Albright on drums. Keep in touch here at the site or at Lion Music for details and release dates. To learn more about a true master, visit Shawn Lane's sites at or

There should be a couple of new online magazine reviews coming up. Depending on what countries they come from, Jon may be looking for interpreters to translate (Jon laughs).

Jon is still working hard to complete the last songs needed to finish "Venitian Groove".

Jon also asked me to post this as well - "I wish to express to the humans my condolences in the denial of membership to the intergalactic tribunal due to the inability of humans to evolve from their hostile and warlike origins into a peaceful planet which deserves recognition. Look to the stars and realize that your galactic brethren will not yet let you walk amongst them. Really, you're going to have to do something about your leaders!" You'll have to figure this one out on your own.

Wow, getting some recognition at Guitar9 Records (!!!
This is one of the most popular instrumental guitar sites in the world. Getting a good review from them is a great honor!

The new songs are done and now titled "Venutian Groove"...

One of my turns coming on, should be some interesting material coming up...

Mixing, Mixing, Mixing...

The new songs sound really cool - I can't wait to share them... Sorry for not having the site updated recently (lost my help)...

Jon is working on at least 6 new Audioize tracks. Something about recording all his guitar tracks to analog instead of digital, blah blah blah. If you want to get on Jon's good side, mention the merits of a real vacuum tube.

Anyway, Jon is also working with the bassist and drummer from his last band Growing Martians, a vocalist who he describes as the best he's worked with, and a keyboardist who has worked with everybody from Allan Holdsworth to Queensryche. He says that although it won't be like the guitar oriented "Audioize" project, it is a great show of musicianship and a chance to get out and do some shows again. The evolution of a great band? We'll see. Stay tuned.

MP3 song samples of most of the songs from the upcoming "Martian Boogie" CD are now available at this site! Check out the MP3s page!

Jon is very excited about something, but he won't talk about it! He's buzzing around working on something, but he won't talk about it! All the tracks for the Adioize CD "Martian Boogie" have been mixed and mastered, but when you ask him about it, he just gets this crazed look and says "you'll have to wait", and giggles.

He will say that MP3 samples of the songs will be available on this site soon.

Jon also wishes to thank Steve Bauer and WRUR 88.5 FM (Rochester, NY) for being the first radio station to air "Martian Boogie" songs! If you're in New York, listen for Jon on Steve's radio show "The Academy of Shred", Sundays from noon 'till 2pm. If you're not in NY, listen online, or catch previously recorded shows at the WRUR website. TUNE IN or visit the WRUR website at for more info!

In the mean time, Jon is now working on more Audioize songs. New material will include that long promised recording of "Time" which will include all the original members of Sanctus Sabbata reunited!

Something tells me that good things are coming up - check back for more details!


Basic tracks are now complete for 13 songs (and a new logo, too!). Jon hopes to get mixing and mastering done after the holidays..

Jon is currently working on seven new songs, three of which will feature Cleigh Berman on drums. Cleigh will soon record drums for "Time", an added track mentioned earlier in the year which will feature Bob Hargrove on vocals.

Growing Martians bassist Billy Ray will be featured on several tracks, including a cover of "Dirty Water" (from a Martian point of view).

Jon is having too much fun, and hopes to press a full length CD by the end of the year...

Extra special thanks go to Steve Bauer for playing "Audioize" on his radio show in New York. Those of you in upstate NY can catch Steve's show "The Academy of Shred" on WRUR, 88.5 on your FM dial.

Jon is holding the sale of "Audioize" until enough songs are compiled to create a CD which can be sold at a price which will allow him to recoup his costs. Promotional copies are available upon request!

Two more songs have been completed for the upcoming "Audioize" CD. "Space" is an old 8 track recording from Jon and Cleigh's past. The old vocal tracks were replaced with new lead guitar tracks, and the old basic tracks, though lacking in quality, were mixed as well as possible. "Waltzing on Water" is an acoustic piece with backing keyboards and electric lead guitars.

Jon is still waiting for Cleigh to record drum tracks for 4 more songs for the "Audioize" CD. In the mean time Jon is working to win the respect of a popular songwriter. Obviously not instrumental music, but Jon needs the exposure. We'll let you in on details as they happen.

Some minor mastering flaws in "Audioize" were corrected. The final version is now complete! Copies should be available soon! Click here to listen to "Audioize" samples or download the songs complete.

After many years, Jon and Cleigh talked to Bob Hargrove, former vocalist of Sanctus Sabbata. A version of the Sanctus Sabbata song "Time" is being planned by these three former band members as an addition to Jon's upcoming CD. Hey, it's not an instrumental, but it was a great song that was never properly recorded. Details as they develop..

Well, it's finally here! The first few anyway. "Audioize," the first three songs written for his upcoming CD, are mixed and ready to hear. Thanks go to Mike Gunderson of course, for his expertise in mixing this debut.

"Audioize" will be played on New York college radio sometime in late March or early April! Thanks to Steve Bauer for his support in getting Jon's music out there! Check back for the exact date and time if you are in the New York area.

Tracks for "Karmic Briefcase" are finally recorded and, along with the others, ready to mix and master. Mike Gunderson has set a date with us to do the work at Sandene Studio's, Glendale, CA on March 4th.

Hey, we actually got Cleigh in to do drums!

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