A three song guitar instrumental
by Jon Paget

The Audioize project sprung out Jon's need to create and play instrumental music of a more personal, escoteric nature; with production completely under his own control. These three songs were all written and recorded by Jon at Sanctus Sabbata Studios, LA, CA. "Audioize" is a preliminary introduction to the forthcoming instrumental album. This release includes three new songs.

"Karmic Briefcase" is a short, fun, happy guitar experiment that expresses Jon's playful nature. The scale Jon used stems from his recent influence by Chris Poland's "Chasing the Sun".

"The Snail, The Spider and The Seagulls" is a piece that characterizes the nature of the three creatures described. It is a complex piece with great transitions from forceful rythm guitars to lighter, ethereal guitars, with solid, dynamic leads sewing them together.

"Barely Afloat", written first though the last track on the CD, includes work on keyboards by Jon. It added a unique character to this piece not heard in the other two. Like The Snail, The Spider and The Seagulls, it is also complex with multiple guitar threads. In this song you hear the metal influences of Jon's youth coming out to play for a while.

Jon is now working on a new piece, as well as reinventing a song written a few years ago that includes Cleigh Berman's tracks on drums. He will also record instrumental versions of two Growing Martians songs with band members Cleigh Berman and Billy Ray.

We're all looking forward to hearing the complete album and trying to be patient with Jon as he spends much of his free time at the studio putting his creation together. I'm hoping soon we'll hear him say "It's alive!!!"
Kimberly Giere 3/8/01

It's Alive!!!

Song samples from the full length Audioize CDs
"Martian Boogie" and "Venutian Groove" are available now!

Both full length CDs Are Available Now!

The original "Audioize" demo CD is still available.
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Gunderson at Sandene Studios, Glendale, CA.
Cleigh Berman - Drums on tracks 1 & 3
The Hal 9000 drum machine on track 2

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