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- Seam Repairs -

Many people don't think about it, but the violin family of instruments expand and contract with temperature and humidity factors. If exposed to extremes, these instruments would crack their tops, backs, or ribs.

The makers of the violin family of instruments use a glue called "hide" glue. It has a good bonding strength, but a low shearing strength. This is done on purpose. Regluing a separated seam is much less expensive and complicated than repairing a top, for example, that cracked under stress.

From environmental stresses to the friend who just stumbled while leaving the stage, a separated seam is a standard repair in the industry. It's no need to panic. I seem to do lots of these for local schools. Give me a call or send me an email.

Jon Paget has been working on his own instruments and modifying gear for more than 30 years. More recently he has worked on Upright Basses for customers ranging from pros like Bunny Brunel, Stanley Clarke, and Brian Bromberg, to local schools and their students.

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