NAMM show 2011

I should start by thanking Chris and Cobi at Eminence Speakers LLC for getting me into the NAMM show this year (and last year!) on an artist badge.

At the Eminence booth you can play different amps through different models of their speakers. It's a unique chance to hear how much difference your speakers make in the tonal qualities of your sound. So what do I use?

Everyone loves the little Orange speaker cabs I have, but what they don't know until I tell them is what's inside them. On the left side of the stage is a Private Jack that gives me a crisp break that I just love (left). On the right side of the stage is a Legend GB128 which is a warmer and smoother sounding speaker (right). As my rig pans left or right, or sends left / right echo and effects, I get a breathing effect in my stereo sound that I just love. Great mix! Thanks again to Eminence!!!

And speaking of Orange!!! My friend Patti asked me recently on facebook if I sleep with my guitar. Well, no, but this is what I dream of.

Left is the Orange Rockerverb 50 that I will someday own. Right is the 2 channel version of the original AD30 I have (which can be seen at my links page on your way to the Orange page). The AD30 is playing an important role in my current recordings.

I Got to see Chris Poland again, first time in a long time!

Chris is one of the most original guitarists I've ever heard. Unlike most fusion and jazz players he is also a master of the "realm" of pushed guitar tone, always an inspiration and mentor to me.

Monster bassist for OHM, the one and only Robertino Pagliari.

OHM's manager Steve Bauer. I hadn't seen Steve in way too many years. Steve is the reason that I got a song on the Shawn Lane tribute album, and has helped me in too many ways to count. He has turned me on to tons of guys like Shawn Lane and Michael Landau that I had never heard of. From one angle or another, an awesome guy!

To Roland Wilfer, and to Germany, I hold much respect! It is always a pleasure to have a conversation with Roland. Once again, my great respect!

I actually tore Merlin (my favorite Kramer Pacer) apart after talking to the guys at the Floyd Rose booth. I had to prove to them that I wasn't crazy when I said that their replacement didn't match my stud screw. When i went back and showed them there was only 1 guy (here's to you Chris!) who had a clue. But no solution. Anybody ever come across this problem? Guitar geeks reply!

And Patti, Orange amps aren't the only thing I dream of. Yes, NAMM was fun!
I should be posting some video footage from NAMM at youtube soon. No, not of her!

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