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Professional Setups for Ordinary People!

Truss Rod Adjustment (Camber), Action Height, Intonation, Tremelo Adjustment, or maybe just a String Change for your electric guitar or bass? I do professional work at affordable prices!

Sorry, I haven't invested in the necessary tools to do fretwork on electric instruments, but you can contact me for a referral. Thanks!

This is my '83 Kramer Pacer, I named it "Merlin". It is my favorite "live" guitar for Audioize shows. It's coming up on it's 30th birthday, and I've been taking care of it all these years! I've swapped out the pickups a number of times now. The Dimarzio HS2 in the neck position, as well as the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge position, are both wired to 3 way switches, allowing me to switch from humbucking, true single coil, and parallel wiring configurations. I set intonation using a Peterson V-SAM (seen here) - as Nigel Tufnel said, "Musician, gotta stay in tune!"

This is the neckthrough '88 Charvel Model 6 used for most all of the Audioize recordings. It has a wonderful tone and playability.

The Model 6's "sister", the neckthrough Charvel JB2 bass. I set it up with VERY light guage Rotosound strings and extremely low action and camber. It's my studio bass, and its setup is much to low for most bassists. But It's great for a guitarist like me, I'm not a bassist, I play with a pick! But that's the point, your instrument should be set up for your playing style!!!

This Fender Jazz bass was setup for Veikko Lepisto, who plays for LOTS of bands including Steve Soto and The Twisted Hearts, and The New Recessionaires.

Gotta love a Jackson. I certainly enjoy working on them. They're great guitars!

An Epiphone SG, I changed out the original bridge pickup for a Dimarzio Super Distortion. It makes for a GREAT punk rock guitar!

Jon Paget has been working on his own instruments and modifying gear for more than 30 years. More recently he has worked on Upright Basses for customers ranging from pros like Bunny Brunel, Stanley Clarke, and Brian Bromberg, to local schools and their students.

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