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Setup for the Bunny Brunel Electric Upright Bass

Bunny Brunel wants his EUBs to play with the ease of an electric bass, so that electric players would find it easy to get used to the "Upright" feel.

Of course, this is next to impossible to achieve from a luthier's standpoint. I had to modify my traditional processes and improve my knowledge of basic string behavior in order to make Bunny's EUBs play at such low action height and camber depth without causing problems.

Start with the only fingerboard dress Bunny will accept on his EUBs - mine!!! Always less than .020" camber across a 36" fingerboard with no imperfections.

Add a custom JP nut!

Since the bridge is centered to the body of the instrument, the crown of the bridge is projected from the fingerboard and cut accordingly.

Bunny's EUBs are setup with action height amongst the lowest I've ever done for upright basses. Below is a picture of Stanley Clarke's setup for his custom Eaglehead. Bunny had me duplicate this setup for his personal #9 EUB.

Check out the custom Eaglehead made for Stanley Clarke

Check out the custom Triple Skullheads EUB showcased at NAMM and purchased by Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath

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