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The Bunny Brunel Electric Upright Bass presented several challenges. The most difficult was setting them up for the demanding playing standards of guys like Bunny and Stanley Clarke. These fingerboards have only .005" to .015" of camber across a 36" fingerboard, and action height set at less than 2mm! Creating such a flat playing surface combined with the extremely low action height forced me to learn subleties in string behavior that I had never considered before.

If you saw a custom Bunny Brunel EUB at the NAMM show, I set it up. When Bunny plays his signature #9 bass, he's playing on my setup, and he'll tell you that I'm the only guy in Southern California who can achieve it. Ask him!

Setup Details

Custom Bunny Brunel EUBs

The Stanley Clarke Eaglehead

The Geezer Butler Triple Skullheads

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